Sunday, 3 March 2013

Wildest Moments

I don't jump off bridges or out of planes or fence with crocodiles.
My sister and my cousin think I drive too slowly.
I like being on time.
I don't smoke, or own anything (besides shoes) that is made out of leather.
I like my whiskey with milk, not water.
I like books more than I do Grand Theft Auto (or any video game for that matter).
Motorcycles? Meh.

Basically, I am quite a boring person. No extreme risks, no wild moments, no great need for adrenaline rushes.

When it comes to my hair however, yeah, there I'll pretty much do anything. It grows again. Besides the mullet-stage that inevitably sneaks up on me, well, I quite enjoy having different hair.

This time, I shaved it off and donated my ponytail to Cansa, who hold an annual Shavathon at the beginning of march. If your hair is longer than 22cm and not overly destroyed by bleaching/colouring/blow-drying/etc. they can make a wig out of your donated hair. So that is what I did. (Click here if you feel like sending them a ziplock bag with a ponytail in it. Yay presents for you Cansa).

The cutting of the ponytail was quite liberating somehow. Long hair is not really my thing, so it always ends up in a bun or somehow pinned into submission in any case. This is by far a better use for it. So, dear hair, I hope you can serve someone else better than you did me.

Before (all innocent)

After (so hardcore I have two heads)

Goodbye ponytail. Until you grow again. 

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