Friday, 1 March 2013

Pho[to]graph Blues

He showed us his Canon 5D Mark III. And the three lenses. And the flash. And showed us how it worked (like I didn't know). And started to show us some of his thousands of photographs. Thousands upon thousands. Somehow we managed to escape the onslaught of imagery that was of no interest to us. I pity whomever gets invited to the endless slideshow that will be "Südafrika 2013 in Bildern".

But this is what distinguishes the digital from the analogue: instead of 36 photographs you get 32GB of data, the equivalent to thousands and thousands of images. We point our cameras at anything that moves, because we can always delete the bad images later (I don't know if you do this, but as much as I like to believe I am an organised person I have yet to sort through all my useless photos).

My mother has two Minolta film cameras, and a friend gifted me an Olympus. Just to find film proved a bit of a mission, because somehow all the camera stores decided to move to other premises and I hadn't realised this. Also, putting in the film was a tiny challenge, uhm, as the first film I shot came out blank because I hadn't done it right. Naturally I blame the stupid useless YouTube videos.

But now, after about a year of practising, all the photos don't come out over/underexposed any more. High-5-ing myself here. And seeing how everything turned out after development is really exciting. Much more exciting than reviewing x images on the small screen of your camera, or downloading them to your computer. Sometimes it is quite fun to follow the hipsters and go all old school. Next up, the pinhole camera.

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