music. things i find .photography. things i really like. people. emotions. ways of seeing. recipes. food. opinions. family. places to go. lists. visuals. film. desires. friends. 
things that make me see the world differently.

This blog is more for myself than for any other, because seeing the words, even if it is in a virtual space, makes them more real than what they seem swirling around in my head. Essentially it is an effort to make sense of my world, which is never the same as yours. 

I'm a 27-year-old lost person, currently busy with a Masters degree in culture, language and media in Flensburg, Germany, although I am originally from South Africa.  

The name 'dinkbeest' literally translates to thoughtmonster. but encompasses a fusion of different meanings in different languages. In Dutch, a 'beest' is a beast, but in Afrikaans 'beeste' are cattle. 'Dink' means to think in Afrikaans, and relates to the word 'denken', which signifies the same in Dutch and German. I like the juxtaposition of a thinking monster, because we usually associate a beast with irrationality and violence. Another inspiration was Theo Jansen's strandbeeste, which are kinetic sculptures that move whichever way the wind blows them. 


To email me, send me a message at dinkbeest{at}

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