Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The ice cream man is coming

Actually, I went to him.

I had an interview for an interview in Sandton, so I took the Gautrain instead of driving.
Woolworths had a sale and I bought shoes.
When I got home, I had two shoes for my right foot. Highly impractical.

Today, I took the train again to get a left shoe for my right, but the ride was more expensive than the silly pair of pumps, so I tried to justify the entire trip by making it into a shopping spree, except that I have no money. Yay me. After exchanging the shoes, I went past Häagen Dazs (don't go to their website, the flavours are too enticing) for ice cream that I couldn't really afford either, but my very flawed reasoning told me that spending R30 on one scoop is better than, well, not buying anything at all.

Ja. I gawked at all the flavours and couldn't decide for a long while because I WANTED THEM ALL, NOW. Then the guy behind the counter noticed I was there, took my order, handed me my cone and turned around again. No one wanted my money. I waved it around for a bit but got no attention, so I walked away.

Thank you, Häagen Dazs, for giving me free ice cream today, even if it wasn't really your intention. It made my day.

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