Saturday, 11 August 2012

Do it like a dude

I never got the birds-and-the-bees speech. Instead, my friend K used to get this magazine called Bravo, where each week(?) one girl and one guy would have a page dedicated to a naked picture of themselves and  a little questionnaire about their sexual experience. There was a "Dr. Sommer"-section where some doctor (or presumably just a staff member) would answer questions pertaining to sex ( something along the lines of "I want to sleep with my boyfriend, but don't know if I should.  - Anna, 13 years old). There was also a page where teenagers could recount their first time and photo-love-stories where inevitably some girl would fall in love with some guy and at some point the would end up anywhere from just kissing to heavy petting to having sex. 

It sounds all dodgy when I re-read it, but actually it was very educational. Even now the website is quite cool if you are a teenager and don't want to ask a real person uncomfortable questions. Actually, it is hilarious. The question of the day is "The sex ended so quickly!". Another one is "Moritz wants to stop constantly masturbating", or "My mom found a condom in my room", or "Pain from too much sex?". I want their problems.  And the images! Here are two gems:

This one had the caption: "My penis itches!" 

Damn. I am almost peeing in my bed (perhaps I should send in :"Why am I incontinent?") it is so funny. But also educational. I mean, most people aren't comfortable with saying 'penis' and 'vagina', never mind talking about what goes on behind closed doors. Real life is not a Sex and the City get-together to talk about the benefits of some sex swing over lunch and a Cosmo. People are embarrassed easily when it comes to anything involving bodily functions. 

In light of over-sexualized advertising, music videos, series and film, I find it quite ironic. I mean, you can't talk to your kid about what's happening in his/her pants, but watching Spartacus or Game of Thrones is fine. Even in more family-friendly shows like Glee, Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy people are shagging all the time. 

Funnily, a middle-school teacher in the US has created this blog about questions that her 7th graders drop in the question box. So great. 

Both images via Sex Questions from Seventh Graders

Sidebar: Uhm, when I wrote this last night, the sexquestionsforseventhgraders site was working perfectly, but seems to be failing now. But maybe its just my internet today. 

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  1. That magazine sounds awesome. But the link isn't working for me, either. Sad face.