Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Être et Avoir

Brunchtime. Lunchtime. Eating time. Conversation time.

The whole kitchen smelled of spices: cardamom and cinnamon and star anise and coconuts and oranges, simmering in a pot. All of your kitchens must have carried a lingering loveliness in them, because what everyone brought to the table today was wonderful. There were Thunderous Pupil's pancakes with a cream cheese filling and   strawberry sauce with a hint of cayenne pepper; Lucky Beggar's chocolate croissants with rosewater ice cream; Vulgar Killah's cheese scones and mini chicken pies; X-pert Criminal's conversational contribution, and well, Dynamic Madman's ( that would be me) coconut milk rice with pistachios. Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom. You know the food is good when there is a long moment of enjoyed silence.

Regarding the names, everyone was assigned a Wu Tang Clan name, generated by The Internet. Check what your own would be.

The Coconut Milk Rice recipe was a combination of Rebecca Crump' of Ezra Pound Cake and  Cook to Love's gluten-free version which worked out quite well. It is a bit of a weird thing, sweetish rice. I've never been a fan. But then my friends in Paris took me to a tiny place for brunch once where it was part of the dish-up menu, and it was extremely tasty. Not too sweet, and unexpectedly not too strange for brunch.

The Rice Pudding

Choc Croissants and Rosewater Ice Cream

Places. People. 

Pancakes with cream cheese filling and strawberry sauce.

For the brunch club's next meeting, it will have to be this Earl Grey, Apple and Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding

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