Friday, 10 August 2012

Paperbag Writer

To remember specific information during exam-time, I make colourful mind-maps with little drawings. On the one hand, they make me feel like I am preparing, and on the other hand I remember the information by associating it with specific colours and images. But mostly the information does not stay for very long, and now I have no idea what all the mind-maps in stored files and folders are meant to summarize. Sure, there are situations and specific info that we commit to memory, but mostly, we tend to forget.

Not this man though: Stephen Wiltshire is an artist from GB who draws skylines (amongst other things) after having seen them only once. In the video/ad, his sister says she would "love to be in his mind in order to actually see how he sees things". I assume it is because he is autistic and his mind works in ways we are not used to, but is that not a true statement for any being? I would also like to climb into your mind, Being-John-Malkovich-style, and see how you see. Any 'you' would do. Autism or not, we all see and understand differently.

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