Friday, 15 June 2012

If you wanna complain, I'm not the complaint department

My bag is too heavy (because the two dictionaries I'm carrying each weigh a ton).
Next time you make the dessert, you should stuff more chocolate into the pears.
That exam was such a waste of time.
My skirt keeps sticking to my stockings and bunching up around my crotch, it's very flattering.
That dish could use a bit of salt.
My hair is not long enough/too short/a mullet/not the right colour.
Pretoria ain't no Paris.
7de Laan has become really boring to watch.
It's so cold.
My feet hurt.
I don't like the Caraway seeds.

Whatever it is, we always find something to complain about. Everyday. I do it, too. But rationally, there is nothing really to complain about. It's winter, it is supposed to be cold. You choose to watch 7de Laan. Don't buy uncomfortable shoes. Don't wear bunching skirts.

In fact, even this post is a complaint about complaining. The irony.

To me it is just quite funny how people think that others are interested in their complaints. I don't want to meet up and spend an hour listening to you complain. I mean, sure, people need to talk about the issues that irritate them, but damn, sometimes our complaints are just so stupid. Just look at the comments on News24 or beneath YouTube videos, everyone thinks their opinion matters. Why waste time harking on about all the things that make us unhappy when there is so much more to talk about.

via ZAnews on FB

( Just as an explanation of the image, I saw it and read the comments and everyone was complaining about the new National Police Commissioner when she has barely started with the job. Sure, there may be more suitable candidates and Zapiro is right in his critique of the government always hiring people without experience for the top jobs, but maybe General Phiyega will surprise us.)

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