Saturday, 16 June 2012

I've got to take it on the otherside

Mondays are exam days. Every Monday for three weeks. It's well spaced, so there is enough time for some partying in between the studying. Yesterday evening Town Hall in Joburg celebrated their 2nd birthday, and we were eager to have a little fiesta with them. And by fiesta I mean excessive amounts of tequila and music.

In our eagerness, we pre-bought tickets online and made sure to arrive at a respectable time. It's about a 45min drive to Joburg from Pretoria, so this party had to be worth driving to another city for. But in our naiveté we were sure it would be.

Instead of dancing like a maniac or profiting from the open bar, however, we stood outside in a queue for more than two hours. I left my coat in the car because I thought, Hah, we'll just walk through the door with our little pre-bought tickets, and then you don't want to sweat like a gorilla with your coat inside. Mistake of the night.

I don't know how a venue can be this badly organised. I assume that owner/manager/whoever works there knows approximately how many people can fit inside, and then they can decide how many tickets can be pre-sold and sold at the door. So how the fuck do you keep about 150 people standing outside for the evening, when all of those people had pre-bought tickets? The tempting bass-sounds that kept pumping though the walls weren't helping either.

At around 23.00 they closed both doors. Then they reopened them to say that only those with tickets could enter. Problem was, everyone had tickets. We stood around for a while longer and then decided that even if we would get it, it would probably take another hour, and by then the dance floor would be so packed that one would be unable to move, and the open bar not worth it. Our original plan was to be there at 9ish and leave at 1ish, so this was not worth it. Refund please.

Anyways, so on our way home there is this Maxi's that is built over the highway. Real classy. We thought it was a 24h-open joint. It wasn't. Another fail for the night, another disappointment in my going-out career. We got some Milo at the Maxi's that was open (the one next to the petrol garage, not the awesome one over the road).

In the end we were home by 1 AM. It was as though we had gone out properly, but we were neither inebriated, nor sweaty, nor were our clothes smelly from condensed bodily odours and cigarette smoke. This night was a luremus, and no one was left satisfied.

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