Friday, 1 February 2013

My happiness

Japan interview, done.
It is intimidating when some of the other applicants have already done the programme, or can already speak Japanese, or have worked for a few years, or are looking really serious in their suits and ties.
It is also intimidating when you walk into an enormous room and see a little white chair in the middle, facing the three men who will be interviewing you.

But then, somehow, it all turned out ok.
They let me talk about multiculturalism and needing to be 'immersed' in order to learn a language and ideas for my Masters and Chris Chameleon and Boo! and Desmond and the Tutus and Japan having too many old people and music videos and Gangnam Style and Disneyland and culture shock and being thrown in the deep end.

Here is also a funny commercial relating to language and happiness:

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  1. Yay! Ek's seker hulle was heeltemal enchanted deur jou natural charm!