Thursday, 31 January 2013

That's what's up

Last year for Christmas, my bright-spark-idea was not to buy anyone a gift, but rather to make them something. Well, I bought one gift, but it was from this lady that sells woven bags on the street, so I figured I was supporting the community. Anyways.

I found this tutorial on how to make a clay mobile, and because I have too much time one little string of geometric shapes would not suffice. Also because it had to look supercool and impress all the family when it came to opening gifts. As a result I shaped lots of little owls for my grandmother's mobile because she collects owls; lots of little geometric shapes for my sister because she is an interior architect and it kind of works; and, lastly, lots of little hearts for my friend. 

The whole mobile-thing is not that hard, and rather fun to do:
First, follow Creature Comforts' post (the link above) on how to create all the little clay ornaments. Basically it is buying the clay, rolling it out and cutting it into shapes. Then you let it dry and paint it. Easy as pie.  
I bought some old frames at the hospice, spray-painted them and sanded them a little. 
Then either attach some netting, or various round hook-things, or hammer some nails into the frame. 
From there on in it is just a matter of combining your clay ornaments with different beads or shells and stringing them up on an assortment of colourful yarns and ribbons. 

Wham bam. There you go. Something to do when you have nothing to do. I have clay left, so this is all anyone is getting as a present in the foreseeable future. He he he. 

No. 1 : The Owls

No. 2: The Diamonds 


No. 3: The Hearts (well, and stars)

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