Wednesday, 22 August 2012


My online purchasing habits have been restricted to books, DVDs and concert tickets. But a few weeks ago Mr Price launched their online retail store, and I decided to check if it works or whether one should stick to going to the actual shops. 

The website was easy to use, registration was fine and overall the whole 'ordering stuff you want'-part was also quickly done.  I thought that delivery would take at least a week, but my order was sent yesterday ( yay for tracking your purchase online) and arrived this morning. Amazing. If I ever decide to become a complete hermit at least I know I can order everything I need from the web. The sandals I requested were too small, but the rest fit fine. I am superimpressed that everything went so smoothly. And the sandals can be sent back or exchanged at any of the Mr Price stores, which are all over. 

Oh yeah, I totally bought those colourful pantalones. 

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