Monday, 12 March 2012


I (secretly) like drowning and not waving. When it gets this busy at stages in life there is no time to reflect on little issues, on daily problems, on tiny details that could mean more than they do when analysed. Look. It's not like I am super busy. Evidently : I am writing this, and on the list of priorities, blogging is not really number 1. Neither is mixing myself a twisted Mojito with the last limes and Bacardi. I don't know what is most important. I make lists and scratch things out as I go along. And somehow, it always works out, with more or less sleep. But it always works out. 

So I don't really understand when people don't do much. Sure, over the holidays I spend waaaaay too much time watching Gossip Girl and pretending to read 'literature' ( this means I aim to read Austen or something that one 'should have read', but instead I go through old magazines and watch TV). Or after a stressful week one needs to blow off steam and do nothing. But permanently doing nothing, really? 

Anyways. Someone I know's friend started a blog. It's in Afrikaans, if you're keen

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