Tuesday, 13 March 2012

To care

I am never entirely sure how personal I can be when blogging. Should I just consider it as a kind of online diary, and write freely? Or is there a need to impose a filter in order not to offend or hurt someone close to me?
By writing about it, could I be making something worse?

There are some situations where I don't know whether or not it would be better to sort it out and talk openly, or whether it is the wiser choice to just shut my mouth and refuse to speak. In my family speaking openly is somehow not often an option. We talk generally, superficially, but when there is an issue, I would like to talk it out, sort it out before moving on, before ignoring that something happened, before pulling the rug straight over years of tiny fights. Somehow it never happens. It is probably my own fault for then not confronting the other party. In film it always looks so easy to talk, it's the influence of series like 7th Heaven (haha, man that was years ago), and now Modern Family, that make sorting shit out seem so effortless.

In any case, here is an advertisement for the Democratic Alliance's student organisation, which has caused some controversy. I think it is quite cool, and certainly an improvement from other political ad campaigns.

For instance, I took this one outside the Greek Orthodox Church near the university. Only problem: barely anyone here speaks Greek, and it sends a message of exclusion rather than inclusion?!

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