Sunday, 5 February 2012


I have been meaning to write about the delectable lunch we had at Bramon Wine Estate, just after Plettenberg Bay on the N2. It is a boutique vineyard of only 5 hectares and you can eat by sitting between the vines. To be honest, I was not too keen on stopping at some unknown wine estate because we were driving from Wilderness to Jeffrey's Bay, where my grandmother lives, and all I wanted was to get there.

But my mother persisted and it was lovely: for lunch you get a warm, steaming bread and then you can order little extras from a menu. The fresh pesto, Brie, wine-marinated pears with Gorgonzola, marinated chicken kebabs, red-onion pie and Caprese salad seduced us completely. The dishes might look tiny in the photographs, but we it was just enough and we even took home a nice piece of fresh bread. Hmm hmm hmm I am still licking my lips although we were there about a month ago.

What I liked about the restaurant was that it was easy but delicious food, and every one could just pick from different plates what they wanted. Usually, when you visit to a restaurant, every one chooses a different dish, and at most you will taste a tiny fork-full of someone else's plate. Eating is a celebration, food is meant to be shared and enjoyed, and I appreciated how a relatively basic lunch of bread and toppings was transformed into a tasting adventure at Bramon.

So, if you are ever travelling along the N2, do yourself a favour and enjoy an delightful lunch with excellent wine in a special setting.

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