Monday, 6 February 2012


Ok, I must confess something now: I have copied a few things from Riette over at Confessions of a Pretoria Chique. On her site I discovered the two buttons that now also cheer up my constantly changing page :

  • I pledge to read the printed word, which quite self-evidently supports reading anything that is printed. With all the tablets, e-readers and online newspapers that are taking over, people are forgetting the thrill of burying one's nose in the crisp smell of a brand new book, or appreciating second hand books with special inscriptions and an even more interesting smell of the old and forgotten. At some point last year I scribbled this in my diary after a visit to the dark recesses of the library: "Books, when touched, breathe out a sigh of relief - we have not been forgotten, our words are not for nothing, our knowledge is still here, reachable, touchable, at your fingertips. "

  • LINKwithlove, which supports the idea that although the internet is such a vast virtual reality with so much information, the source should always be acknowledged. Strange how in business, at university and even at school plagiarism is seen as an evil, but online no-one fears copying someone else's ideas because it does not seem to be so important. I try to name the sources, simply because I would also appreciate being named if someone were to like my ideas or images or so. Here is LINKwithlove's mission statement:

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I believe in sharing if it's for the right reasons.