Thursday, 15 September 2011


Tralala, 1001 times my blog has been read. Must be the new design that has people streaming in to read about all of my witty adventures and spelling mistakes.

In any case, thank you for reading. This blog might be my Moleskin. So much less pretentious, don't you think?!

Yesterday I took the Gautrain for the first time to attend my fabulous friend's birthday, and I must admit it was an awesome ( not the HIMYM sense, the real, Miltonic being-in-awe sense). I have been on various trains since childhood. We once went from Geneva to Germany and one of the compartments was a McDonald's and I remember missioning on my own to go get us some burgers for lunch. Or taking the TGV from Strasbourg after having spent a great weekend with old friends in Freiburg. The train had free internet... And while living overseas ( geez what a brat I am, haha) the metro, RER, S- and U-Bahn were the daily mode of transportation. I must admit, I miss not having to drive myself everywhere. Naturally it is a privilege to be able to drive, but it is irritating to have to jump in the car every time you want to go somewhere. Driving is a far greater responsibility than merely sitting or standing. I doubt sitting could kill someone. Well, perhaps if you were morbidly obese and would sit on a baby.

So here we do have the luxury of driving and open stretches of road, but we also have added responsibility, waiting in traffic jams, taxis who don't know traffic rules and people in big BMWs that sit on your ass and drive like their cars make up for their lack of personality.

But now that technology is here, I never want to drive again. It was so nice to just sit and watch the countryside ( or rather the urban sprawl that is Centurion and Midrand) and observe the other people. It might be slightly costly, and it is stupid to take the Gautrain if your destination is not anywhere near the station, but if you are going some place near the train- or bus-route it is quite cool.

I was a bit sad that most people avoid eye contact and focus on reading or listening to music or looking at their BlackBerrys. Also, the security was rather rude and somewhat over-present. I know we must protect the new asset, but perhaps send half of the security men to hunt the cable thieves instead of harassing people for chewing gum ( it is a cardinal sin, the fine is R 700). Just leave a main security man with some nice security ladies and the others can go be aggressive to actual criminals.

In any case, again, thanks for reading, and feel free to comment. I know commenting is often quite stupid but it does make me feel like this is not merely an ego-project to see my words published, even if it is on a free-self-created-google-based-blog.


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