Wednesday, 28 May 2014


I never got what one does with rhubarb. They were strange celery-like stalks and I imaged them to taste horrible. Like celery, only with a red hue. Then as I got older maybe I was more inclined to test other ingredients in the kitchen, and thus I once bought a bunch of rhubarb in Fruit & Veg for R15. I think I made a strawberry-rhubarb pie, not quite trusting the stalks to taste like anything edible on their own.

Rhubarb syrup?
Rhubarb season has started here and I embraced it completely. I made rhubarb and grapefruit syrup, then rhubarb-strawberry jam, then a jar of rhubarb compote and lastly a wonderful rhubarb panna cotta tart that looked and tasted incredible. I had rhubarb coming out of my ears by the end of it, but it was worth it. Everyone complemented the panna cotta tart and I ended up using the left-over champagne from my birthday with the last bit of rhubarb syrup as a cocktail, which worked really well. And now when my mom and sister come in three weeks I am totally super prepared for breakfast :)

Step 1 for the panna cotta

Rhubarb in the oven with WINE? Hells yes. 

This was super easy. And delicioussss. 

The tart bottom chilling in my window sill. 

Badaboom Badabang. 

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  1. Duuuuude. Ek is besig om ontsettend baie rhubarb te koop en te gebruik. GAan die vlg paar weke net rhubarb resepte post op Voer. Beste ding tot dusver nog (en seriously, als was delicious), was 'n rhubarb stroop wat ons gebruik in cocktails of wat ons net so drink saam met sparkling water, in champagne flutes. Best. Thing. Ever. Ag, ek wens jy kon kom kuier by ons of ek by jou. Dit sou so pret wees.