Friday, 18 April 2014


Today the surface invites the quiet observer to
paint it by numbers,
to assign a 6 to the metallic-sheen-parts
and an eleven to those that get glimpses of sunlight. 

Most of it would be covered by a 44, 
hovering somewhere in between navy and Midnight Blue. 
Outer Space streaks (officially colour 414A4C) occur
where the water grates against itself. 

Monet might have added swishes of dirty white 
(my colour seven) 
or swatches ranging from bone to apricot
to the tops of hundreds of restless little waves. 

Some days you can see the bottom of the harbour, 
with water so clear that it doesn't even have a number,
only a change in the 'opacity' of the layer. 

Not today though. 
Today hues fit like puzzle pieces for milliseconds
before the entire wheel has to be reinvented.

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