Monday, 17 March 2014

The first days of spring

It had been unusually lovely the entire week. But we were preparing for a group of international students to arrive so I could not revel in the loveliness outside, instead spending most of my time in front of the computer. 

And then D-Day was upon us: the planes were landing, the students disembarking and hopefully all our planning would work out. A beautiful sunrise set the tone for an exhausting but fantastic day. We left Flensburg at 8.00 and drove to Hamburg, where I was dropped off at Ikea (yay Ikea!) to buy bedding for one of the students. I also went to town in the material section because I want to make myself some curtains. Our one roommate is moving out soon as well and she brought most of the kitchen utensils with her, so I bought two mugs, a whisk and new sheets for myself. 

Then I took the bus into the city and received a message that one student had missed his flight and would therefore land 4 hours later. My colleague was already at the airport and could thus leave earlier, whilst I had more time to kill and would bring the last two students back to Flensburg by train. 

I ended up getting out at the main station and just walking around. It is like my friend G. said: when the weather is no longer dark and brooding the population changes switches its personality. Everyone stops hibernating and heads out to soak up the sun.

After the exam period and worrying about all the arrangements for the international students it was soul quickening to get away from Flensburg and just walk around by myself without the pressure of having to discover the city. Luckily I had my camera with me so I just walked around, bought myself a sandwich and chilled by the Alster. 

The moment of repose did not last long because thereafter the days have been rather stressful: Thursday we spent the entire day at the airport and the entire weekend was filled with activities for the students. This next week is also dedicated to wading through the bureaucratic nightmare that is Germany. 

Additionally, the weather has turned again and has soured the atmosphere. No longer are people walking around joyfully and basking in the sunlight. But at least the Hamburg day has given me hope that spring is in fact coming, slowly but surely. 

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