Sunday, 4 August 2013


Three days ago HONY  posted about a boy selling cowboy toys because he really wanted a horse. As a result, the guy behind HONY started a crowd-funded campaign to send this boy and his parents on a Wild West adventure. I thought I could donate $10 (which would equal about R100 I think) because I live under the illusion of having more money than I really do and thought I could afford to help him have fun with horses. It would be a better investment than spending money on unnecessary things. 

But by the time I got to the indiegogo site, only ONE day after it was started, the project was already funded, and over-funded (460%) for that matter. In a world where everyone seems excessively focussed on the self, and what it could benefit most from, it is encouraging to see so many people willing to give a little bit to make someone else's dream come true :) 

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