Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Typewriter Tip, Tip Tip

My mom and I had to run some errands, but if my grandmother had tagged along it would have taken foooooorever. So I asked if she wanted to watch a film while we were gone. Her options were The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (turns out everyone over 40 has seen it), Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (no), Friend with Kids (no) and Moonrise Kingdom (ok). I was very happy that in the end she chose Moonrise Kingdom, because I will admit to riding the hipster bandwagon that is liking everything Wes Anderson does.

One of my favourite movies will always be The Darjeeling Limited (this posts title is from this song that is featured in the film) because Anderson has the ability to immerse the viewer in a world that is strange, wonderful and magical while also relating to the instability, turmoil and love present in all human relationships. It is as though one is watching one's own family drama, told through a much more beautiful lens.

Spoke Art has curated a series of posters called "Bad Dads" A Wes Anderson tribute, and they are all equally wonderful and strange.

Jessica Deahl,  I Promise I'll Never Be Your Friend
Fernando Reza, Go Mordecai
Derek Gabryszak, Something Fantastic
Derek Eads, I'm a Little Bit Lonely These Days
DKNG, The Films of Wes Anderson
Dave Perillo, Khaki Scouts
Ibraheem Youssef, Suzy
Stefan Fahler, Sharked
Randy Ortiz, We Got the Tail, but We Missed the Fox

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