Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Cheers (Drink to That)

When we were in school we didn't much care what we drank, as long as there was alcohol in it. But even back then when my friends drank Black Label I stuck to my trusty Hunters Dry. It might have cost R11 and not R9, but beer has never been my friend. To me it is something I'd add to a chocolate cake or bake bread with, or mix with Sprite. To each his own. 

Germany has all kinds of strange beer-mixes. Beer with Tequila. Beer with raspberry syrup. Beer with coke. Beer with tomato juice. Beer with grapefruit. Beer with prickly pear flavour. Hot damn. No thanks. I like my ciders. In France I was very excited to see they had cidre, but it's not the same. Nothing beats Hunters

However, I did go to a beerfest this weekend. Capital Craft took place on Saturday at the Voortrekker monument and showcases the brewing talents of micro-breweries. On their site they state that "micro-breweries have fast become the tasty and trendy alternative to commercially brewed beers. The painstaking efforts taken to brew and mature these specialist beers can be tasted with each and every sip. At the Capital Craft Beerfest, you will be able to sample beers by over 10 different microbrewers all the way from Darling, Cape Town to Valley of a 1000 hills in KwaZulu Natal."

Luckily they also had ciders :) I tried a red Stone cherry and a Red Stone pineapple cider and finished it off with a Everson pear cider. In between my one venture at beer was Mitchells Award Winning Festival Ale, which was drinkable. I think I just haven't yet acquired the palate for beer. 

Deep Fried Man, Tidal Waves and others performed and people just enjoyed a relaxed day out. 

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