Monday, 1 April 2013


You can shout at me to my face,
Slam doors,
Throw things,
Do whatever it is angry people do.
But don't yell at me over the telephone.

All I need to do to silence you is hang up,
and never pick up again.
One little gesture stops the nagging, puncturing "Ja?!" at the end of every damn sentence,
and suddenly you'll be shouting at the "doood doood doood"
of someone having left the conversation.

Maybe I bait you, maybe I know which buttons to push,
but the fact that you do not know the names of my friends,
or what I studied,
or who I am,
(and don't ever ask)
it makes it necessary to increase the crevasses of our relationship.

One day it will split, there will be nothing left of me but some memory of times past
when I was too young to realize
you are not a nice person.

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