Friday, 14 December 2012

Es ist ein Ros entsprungen

While waiting to leave the city for our annual pilgrimage to the coast, I am leaving everything theoretical in the recycling bin and doing stuff with my hands. Last week a friend and I were invited to a Christmas party at the house of Voer. Riette from Confessions of a Pretoria Chique (click here for her post on a Voer Christmas celebration) brought along templates for making paper ornaments, and whilst some spent the afternoon gluing and painting, others were baking cookies. Nom nom nom. Granted, I am not very precise and gluing tiny tiny Christmas ornaments together makes me say "ag fok" more than once, but the end result is quite cool. Riette gave me some sheets to try at home, and this is what came out.

The templates are all via Mini Eco, which you can find here:

Christmas ornaments
Paper gems
Platonic solids
and for the most adventurous of crafters, the 3D paper diamonds.