Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Get on the road

Lark. Not sure if it was at Koppi though. 

The only festival I've been to is Oppikoppi. In the years when Easter Oppikoppi still existed, we went on a bi-annual pilgrimage to Northam to freeze at night and die of heat during the day. Also to spend most of the time in a state of semi-inebriation, watching bands you knew well and discovering others. I learnt that cucumbers last really well, that chicken viennas and buns for three days aren't the worst idea, and that showering is not essential.

Now we're leaving for Rocking The Daisies. Which is in Darling, in the Cape. Which is like five times as far as Oppikoppi. The group that was supposed to go was reshuffled due to a break-up, which to me means it can either be really awesome or rather awful.

On verra bien.


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