Wednesday, 17 October 2012

everlasting light

I heard someone honking repeatedly but did not think it was meant for me. I mean, there is not a cow-bell dangling on The Gate for nothing. I decided I had to investigate. Maybe the robbers were back. Stupid robbers who make themselves known. Luckily it was some nice delivery man, who gave me my lamps! Whoooooohooooo! I told him it was like Christmas, and when he drive away he shouted "Merry Christmas!". Even better!

By lamps, I mean Consol Solar Lamps. They had some sms-competition and I entered and won two little lights. Consol is the company that makes glass, as in the jars my grandmother kept her peaches and jams in. Now they have integrated a solar panel in the lid, and LEDs at the bottom (as in inside the lid and jar then) and after a charge, the lights will last up to 6 hours. I'm excited because I didn't have to pay for them, because they work so nicely, and because I can imagine that for a lot of households that still use fire and paraffin lamps (see the farm), these lamps might just be an eco-friendly and easy solution.

And they are so pretty. I want more.

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