Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Run this town

One would not think so, but I don't like confrontation. I don't like fighting because people always seem to fight about silly things that in the end are meaningless. But the end of the year is nearing, everyone is busy and I've been feeling as though I have been spreading myself too thin. I think everyone is just slightly exhausted and waiting for December to come. New year, new start and what what. 

But, well, this past week, I've just been itching for someone to start a fight. Mister car guard? No, I assume he'd have a knife and no way in hell can I outrun him. I mean, my grandmother runs at a greater pace than I do, and she's had a hip replacement. So on Saturday I somehow managed to create a scene of pissed-off-ness within minutes of arriving at my friend's birthday. But the night was not ruined entirely and life moves on and all that. No fight. My knuckle rings stayed in my bag.  

But then, ahhh Monday rolled around. Monday was group presentation day. At 17.30. After a long day, you know, no one wants to stay longer than necessary. Everyone is slightly nervous and just wants to get this done. As luck would have it, this chick with constant verbal diarrhoea was in Group 1. Yay. Her butterfly-fluttering-arms looked like a strange epileptic dance. Not the cool choreographed Thom Yorke version in Lotus Flower, no no. The irritating, I-want-to-punch-you-in-the-face-to-make-it-stop-version. 

Her speech was slowed down to each word being drawn out, as though some invisible force had to go search for each sound before it can be pronounced. My eye started twitching. But all of this is was not yet really a problem. Not saying anything relevant to the topic, rambling on about how "the world looks to Japan for all the new trends, it is a fact" and essentially not answering any question pissed me off. And she'd been pissing everyone off all semester with the meaningless, irrelevant waffling that spews out of her. Also, they were four people in the group, not just her little stickfigure. Look, I am also guilty of detesting the group assignment. Mostly I'd just like to do it all on my own and must admit to imposing my ideas. But in the end it is a compromise, and everyone can contribute positively to a project. 

Not this enormous praying mantis though. Wasting our time. No no no. Something had to be done. Something had to be said. I wanted to go home. Everyone did. She would be my victim. In the middle of her ramblings my verbal fight rings came out, and I rudely interrupted her to say her arguments were not relevant to the topic, and that there were three other members in her team that had not spoken. She stopped speaking and folded her arms across her chest. Maybe she would consume her mate later on out of anger. 

But it did not matter. I had won the verbal throwdown. Hells yes. It was a knockout. We could go and present ours. And then, finally, we could go home.

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