Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Here comes your man

My man is menacing. Evil. Take all the superheroes in the world, banded together Avengers-style, and they'd also be shit-scared of him. That is why I dutifully give him R2 every time I get back to my car after a day at the university and it is still in the same condition as what I left it. 

You see, my man is the car guard in one of the streets around Tuks. Although it is still a walk, it is the nearest street without little no-parking-Ps everywhere. And I've gotten enough parking tickets, so it is a bit of a must to park with Dr. Evil if there is no space in the designated student parkings. Which is often the case. 

It pissed me off. Badman is not there when you park in the morning, but stands guard when you get back. Although he had done nothing, and it should be your right to park there without being menaced by some random tsotsi, his whole demeanour is like a prison-escapee. But since I don't want my tyres slashed or the car stolen I dutifully give him R2. Nothing more, nothing less, so that he will leave me the fuck alone. 

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