Thursday, 3 May 2012

Don't say no,no,no,no. Just say yeah yeah yeah...

Now this is the way to a girl's heart: graffiti. ( this one via the Laughing Squid)

The wall was later updated with a little "she said YES!". Yay for happy marriages.

Great graffiti always makes me want to grab a spray-can and go out into the streets. After I saw Exit through the Gift Shop, a friend and I defaced some of the political party posters ( at that time the country was nearing some kind of vote, I am guessing for local government? As in the area one lives in, not national government). I accept that that was quite lame, but fun none the less. 

South Africa is not really synonymous with graffiti, and my best guess is that because we no longer really live in the cities, but in suburbia, there is no real graffiti. I know in Cape Town and Joburg there are a couple of artists though ( like Faith47, who features in the film The Creators about artists in SA). But in Pretoria? I haven't seen anything. Perhaps in other parts of the city? 

I'll have to look into graffiti here some more, it seems like an interesting topic for weekend excursions. 

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