Thursday, 12 April 2012

I'm ready to update my relationship status now

as you can see, this one was on Lamebook a while ago. 

I saved this months ago after reading a short newspaper clip:

'Conversation coma': 66% of people who are in relationships prefer being on social networking sites to spending time with their partners. Couples nowadays spend 3h45min per week together on average. 

What the hell. If two thirds of all couples prefer not spending time with one another, then what is the point of being in the relationship in the first place? And what are they doing on the social networking sites instead? I mean, I am also slightly FB addicted and waste time spying on individuals that I should simply delete from my friends list, but spending time with your loved one should be more pleasurable than staring at a screen.

Perhaps many people are just really afraid of being alone, or lonely, and sort of stick to what they've got. But damn, if you'd rather spend your time tweeting or playing FarmVille, you know it's better to part ways. People spend more time online daily that they do with their partners in a week. Jeez Louise.

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