Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Don't be sorry

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Monday, I graduated. It is quite a big deal, you wear your robes and look like a slightly less cool version of Harry Potter. I was going for a female Ron Weasley vibe, but without the wand ( ha ha, that's a nice pun) it did not work out so well.

Basically, one sits around and then gets herded on stage in little groups, where somebody with a nicer cap and more colourful bands around their shoulders shakes your hand and hands you your degree. It is very exciting, because it is the culmination of three years of studies and work. But the moment becomes quite insignificant when it happens 5 months after you passed all the necessary subjects, and when you have to sit there for two hours as hundreds are given the same degree as you.

How will I ever find a job?

Today, a girl came to my consultation hour ( I tutor, which is probably a job, but also not a real 9-5, pay-your-taxes situation) and asked me where this degree was taking her.

After three years, I have no idea. She asked what my plans were for the next year, and they are to do my Masters degree. And after that? My Doctoral degree. And after that? Whatever comes after that on the scale.
Why would anyone ever want to stop studying? I know this plan is a bit rough, and that studying costs money and all that, but somehow, I am not too worried.

The things we learn in Visual Studies make me passionate about my life, about the directions it can take, about the possibilities that present themselves.

The girl was a bit disappointed I think. But there is no formula to happiness. If you enjoy what you do, and somehow you can financially be not too badly off, I think it is worth it. Engineering, business, medicine, they all are suited better to others.

This thing I go to class for, this direction I cannot explain to people over koek en tee ( cake and tea), this degree where people continue asking "But WHAT will you do with it?!?!?", well, it has kind of found me, so I think that is pretty awesome in a world where everyone feels lost.

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