Sunday, 1 April 2012

big money

I have lots of cards. There is my debit card, my credit card, my student card, my Clicks card, my driver's licence, my Woolworths' card, and numerous other little cards that I somehow couldn't resist when I was standing in the store. When they say "points" or "money-back" I ask where I can sign up.

It follows naturally that I have an enormous wallet to store all these cards in. I used to have pictures of my friends and family and dogs in there as well, but that wallet got stolen so now no more photographs. Also, most of the time my wallet does not contain any bills. Just coins. Because students are poor, if you had not noticed.

The big-ass wallet is great for being stuffed into my everyday handbag, which is equally huge and ideal for not finding what I need at that moment. My student card also gets lost in there on a daily basis.  But when I go out, I don't want to be dragging half of my possessions around with me, especially since it is highly likely they will get stolen.

We were sitting in Cool Runnings, a bar in the student quarter of the city, and even though there was a bouncer at the door, two young men managed to get in, grab my handbag ( which was huge and contained all of our stuff, including the car keys...) and made off in a car. Great.

So back to the point. I want a small wallet which I can take with me for going out. Something where just your cash and driver's licence will fit. Something stylish.

I therefore want a Fennek wallet. They are a local group of guys who manufacture leather goods.
Check out these beauties ( the wine-coloured one would be great for my birthday, thanks :) :

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