Friday, 9 March 2012


Quite a few couples that I know have broken up in recent months, separated after years, after thinking that it would last forever, after imagining walking down the aisle with another. 

It is hard being alone all of a sudden. I would compare being single to being a boxer : you are constantly fighting on your own. Sure, there are the fans that watch you and yell encouragingly from the stands, and there is the guy that hands you water and a towel and gives you advice, but ultimately, you are taking and throwing punches by yourself, for yourself. 

Now, relationships are different: suddenly you are part of a tag-team, with matching neon tights and all. There is always someone who has your back, who supports you, kind of like a person 'just for yourself'. I mean, friendships and family are important as well, but I think the significant other comes to be the person one could most rely on?! 

I don't know. I'm not much of a team player, so pretending to be Muhammad Ali suits me better than being part of The Miz & Big Show

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