Sunday, 26 February 2012

weekend blues

This weekend was supposed to be fabulous. My friend and I were supposed to fly to Cape Town on Thursday to attend a friend's wedding on Saturday in Stanford. We were supposed to land and spend a night of revelry with my cousin, sipping Margaritas and having a good time. On Friday, we were supposed to go to Stellenbosch and enjoy the wine farms, sipping wine and having a good time. On Friday evening, were were supposed to meet another friend, sipping a Hunter's Dry and having a good time. On Saturday morning we were supposed to go to the Biscuit Mill Market with my mother, sipping on smoothies and having a good time. Then we would drive the scenic route along the coast to Hermanus, before heading inland to Stanford. We would have gotten to the guest house, changed, and gone to the wedding. We would have seen our friend walk down the aisle and commit  for life to the man she loves. We would have celebrated the night away, dancing, and sipping on champagne. Today, we would have boarded the plane and headed home, eager to check how the photos turned out and to remember the great weekend.

Instead, Velvet Sky cancelled our flight 2 hours before we were supposed to leave, and did not offer an alternative flight. The only flight they finally managed on Friday to offer us was too late to be at the wedding on time.

So I spent my weekend at home, thinking about where I could have been.

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