Thursday, 19 January 2012


It is strange to think that mostly, each of us considers his or her reactions and doings as 'right' in the moment. Through our upbringing ( or lack thereof), we either agree with the morals we were taught, or rebel against them. But ultimately, don't you think that you are doing 'the right thing'?

I forget that others don't feel the same way I feel about things, that they are not moved by the same reactions, and that they also consider their reactions and choices to be correct, even if they are completely opposed to my ideas of what is right. Perhaps this is the simple reason that the world is quite a fucked up place with fighting between nations and families and corporations and friends and lawyers and spouses and children and and and. We fight because we think we are right, without thinking that the others might be right, too. 

By citing my own inner circle, I am surrounded by people who have inherited the legacy of not talking, of refusing to communicate because "these things should not be discussed", like money or sin or problems in general. There seems to be a shame attached to the discussion of things, an idea that talking about it will cause some rupture and that even uttering a word shows a lack of respect. These restrictions are just stupid to me : open channels of communication and a willingness to discuss the issue at hand calmly are what is needed. 

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