Sunday, 11 September 2011


At Fruit & Veg the grapefruits are going for R 3.99 per kilo, so if you like them, that's the place to go.
I actually don't like their taste. I once had a pomelo, and that is quite tasty, but graefruits tip over to the too-bitter edge of things. But I bought some nonetheless. Here is what you can do with them :
Option A:
Buy some Smirnoff Spin/Storm (preferably a quart or two, it's cheaper that way), add a sprig of mint and half a squeezed grapefruit. Then add some ice and pop in a straw. Proceed outside and chill by the pool with your easy summer cocktail.

Option B:
Sort of the same combination. Get loads of fresh mint, squeeze the juice from a grapefruit and perhaps and old orange if it is lying around an no one wants to eat it. Put everything in a pitcher and add one green tea teabag. Top the pitcher up with boiling water, and let the "tea" stand for about 5 minutes. Then add honey if you like it a bit sweeter. Almost like Moroccan Mint tea..

Oh and I changed the blog's layout. If you hadn't noticed.

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