Sunday, 14 August 2011


photo taken by me, in Berlin, 2008

People ask: "So, what do you want to do with your life?"
As though I should have a plan. As though there is a map I could follow, where destination:life is clearly marked and every step along the way is a guaranteed success.

I answer: "I have no idea."
And it is more than great.

Listen to me now, people. There is no fear of the future. There is nothing you cannot be ( well, yes, naturally there are limits, but not if you really want something).

We can be pastry-chef-editors.
Or English-Lit-Lawyers.
Or Mechanical-Engineer-Photographers.
Or Bedroom Philosophers dabbling in daily shifts at McDonalds.
Or Ballerinas with poetic ill-skills.
Or a Humanitarian with a degree in caring and IT.

Others get on bikes and drive across Africa. Others find fulfilment in the amount of zeroes in their bank-accounts. Others like spending their days in virtual worlds. To each his own.

I just think that my fellow 20-somethings are caught in this desert of insecurity about their life: on the one hand there are so many possibilities to embrace, there is a whole world to discover. But on the other hand the constant threat of recessions and global crises and financial ruin and abandonment and hopelessness looms behind us. It feels as though so much is going wrong and one wants to act and march on the Union Buildings and hold banners and shout in megaphones, but what for? What are we supposed to be fighting for? Previously it was simple: peace and love. Now? Also peace and love. But the planet is suffering and we need to think green and save the prisoners of conscience and fight against oppression and secure a future and help each other and all of this whilst still living and having fun doing so.

The other day some of my friends where discussing how after obtaining this degree, they wish to do something more than what it will say on the piece of paper. To be more than Commerce or Arts or Engineering or Science or Whatever. Basically, to be more than one thing. Some people prefer knowing almost everything there is to know about their field, and being experts at what they do. I would also like to be an expert, but in the end, I prefer to know a lot about many different things than just settling for one speciality.

So what lies in the future? Here is another answer: I am/will be/want to be/could be/should be/ would be/ want to be a living thinker, a graphic designer, a photographer with film, a manipulator of words and images,  a historian-artist-writer-discoverer-music-listener-editor-translator-picture-taker-non-conformer-lover-hater-human-being. 

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