Saturday, 28 May 2011

I can hear you

You know when people ask the question what superpower you would like to have? And often, the answer is invisibility, so that you could spy on people and find out what they say about you behind your back?

Well, I am invisible. You do not see me. But I can hear everything you say. Jeez you must be dumb to talk about me in front of my window. I can hear you. Loud and clear. 

And it is rather fascinating. We all gossip. But we all think that no one talks about us behind our backs. I don't necessarily mean only the mean things, only the things that make you feel better about yourself, but also the nice things, the compliments you were afraid to pay. 

So at the moment you are not being mean. You are rather being unnecessary. I apologised. I know when I am wrong. Take it and do with it what you will. But don't be this stupid and talk about it when I can hear you. Moerse apologetic se gat. 


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