Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Happy Birthday Ka :)

my friend Karolina Rupp ( check out her photohgraphy here  ) turns 23 today, so let's all sing for her..

you had this turquoise eastpak that i was jealous of. even though we were in parallel classes, we only became friends in grade 7 and have been ever since.

there was britney, there was HIM and viking metal ( where i'm still unsure what it is), there were trips in cars and planes and trains, there were all the new year's eve's spent more inebriated than not, there was koppi and black label ( hunters for me), paddling on the schliersee and two minute noodles in glas bowls. there was the the landy and spending too much time at menlyn, the flo ecke and driving on the back of a merc slk, there was odds and wilderness and jeffreys. there was the oc marathon, bunking school to go to menlyn in a taxi, there were the matric holidays and the e-cigarette. now we have milk-less coffee, merlin, braais, real cigarettes, wine, music in the park, art exhibitions, photography, wanting to move to cape town...

 i know we don't always see eye to eye on things ( luckily) and i know our circle of friends does not really overlap, but i also know every time we meet, we have a lovely conversation. so here is to your future and me being in it on occasion :)

this party image via whatpossessedme

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